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Affordable Day Care in West London, Greenford

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Room Safety 

Safety gate on all doors

Tables, chairs & floors are cleaned regularly

Edge/corner guards installed on units

Fire alarm is checked frequently


Wire mesh radiator guards prevent physical contact with heat

BABIES: 2 months - 2 years


The first two years of life are critical, this is when your baby is constructing the mental foundation that will dictate his/her behaviour. Our nursery will provide your baby with an enriching environment which allows them to process, understand and experience emotion, compassion, intelligence and resilience. We provide: 
  • A cosy area- Your baby is provided with an assortment of pillows, soft teddies & interactive books to snuggle with 

  • Creative table- From arts & crafts involving paint or glue to simple doodling with crayons & pencils; your baby will have the freedom of creative expression

  • Sensory play- The entire baby room is rich in sensory exploration; there are toys of all ranges, textures and sizes, interactive toys, mirrors on walls, a play tent, hanging mobiles, water play, sand play
  • Nappies- Hygienic nappy changing facilities

  • Mobility- Highly encourage babies to start walking

  • Speech- Plenty of singing and verbal interactions

TODDLERS: 2 years - 3 years

Toddlers have just found their feet and have formed a sense of independence that they want to further explore and build on. it is at this stage that they are motivated and encouraged to develop their self-help skills. This includes: feeding themselves, flushing the toilet, washing their own hands, putting on their coat, partaking in tidying the room. Toddlers are provided with an array of opportunites to enhance their social, emotional and behavioural development. We provide: 
  • Free play- Free play time is essential for your toddler 

  • Educational- Introduction to letters, phonics and numbers

  • Boosting self-esteem- Plenty of praise and recognition

  • Activities- All activities are planned and executed by staff which are tailored to your toddlers development
  • Arts & Crafts- Different coloured paints, crayons, pencils, papers, cards, glue, child-friendly scissors & many more are accessible to your toddler

  • Literacy- Listening to stories, looking at books as well as introducing rhythm & rhyming

  • Dressing up/Role Play- A variety of costumes and different items of clothing and accessories are available for your toddle to explorer role play 

PRE-SCHOOL: 3 Years - 5 years

To aid with the approaching transition from nursery to school, a more structured programme of learning and play is incorporated. Learning programs to improve literacy and numeracy skills are a highly focused objective when planning activities for your child. We provide: 

  • Literacy- Multiple story-times a day (both reading books and playing stories on the CD player
  • Developing phonics skills- with the aid of the 'Jolly Phonics' 2-part book and CD by Laurie Fkye
  • ​Numeracy- Numbers, introduction to basic addition and subtraction & shapes
  • Enhancing fine-motor skills- developing handwriting skills
  • Advance gross motor skills- through Dance and Sports
  • Strengthen character- Building your childs confidence & independence 
  • Culinary skills- Cooking and baking 

HOLIDAY CLUB: 5 years - 12 years

Ensure your child is being active & social in a warm and exciting atmosphere during their term-time holidays! We provide: 

Field trips 

Indoor table tennis 





Arts & Crafts


Free Play- Nintendo Wii available

Cinema Time